I’m All About That Sketchy Business

What good are ideas if you cant give birth to them?

My mind is constantly racing on how to come up with new ideas and products but so often you just forget to scribble them down and you forget about them. (Especially when you have the memory of a goldfish, like me!) I like to constantly sketch any ideas I have just to keep the creativity alive and to continue practicing the art of concept development. I cant even keep to one sketch book as I’m constantly drawing on anything in reaching distance no matter where I go. I feel sorry for the company I am with whenever I go to those restaurants where the little kids can draw on the paper table cloth… yeah i’m usually that kid.

But as a creative whose job it is to come up with new and unique solutions, you would be shooting yourself in the foot if you didn’t document these solutions. So yes, I am on the side of team Sketchy Business!

Now grab a crayon and be proud to sketch on that paper table cloth!

Corban | Author

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